Agricultural Production Control

In an increasingly competitive business context, as in the case of the agri-food industry, this function is indispensable.

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In an increasingly competitive business context, as in the case of the agri-food industry, this function is indispensable.

The new technologies nowadays offer the possibility of carrying out exhaustive controls and analyzes in the supply chain in order to improve productivity. In the field, where, thanks to the installation of sensors, substantial improvements are obtained in crop yields, or in transport, through the use of intelligent systems that help ‘track’ shipments, ensuring quality and improving the timing of Delivery to customers. This philosophy of productivity improvement moves to the production plants.

That also complements the work in Solutions that we have for Pre-harvest and Mobility tools for field management.

These post-harvest systems, which are at the core of agri-food digitalization, allow the company greater control over the processes that occur within its organization. In this line, we have improved from Hispatec one of the tools that we consider key in agricultural management: Control of production costs in warehouse.

How management improves a module like “Agricultural Production Control”

We have expanded the capabilities of a tool that allows controlling both the presence of personnel and the various direct and indirect activities such as handling, packaging and transfer of goods that are carried out in a fruit and vegetable warehouse.

Its main person in charge, Juan Antonio Estrada Pascual, points out that the solution is a real-time scalable control system, which allows to know the cost and the amount of resources needed to produce a product, obtain profitability from commercial operations, yields of production lines, etc. The objective, of course, is to improve production processes, helping a more efficient and sustainable organization of work and resources.

Estrada, responsible for projects in the Innovation department of Hispatec, accumulates 17 years of experience with clients, mostly fruit and vegetable marketers.

Throughout his career, he has been able to know in depth the dynamics of organization and management of these environments, as well as the possibility of extracting data from the different activities with the aim of improving economic returns.

“What the tool we have designed is to obtain data on the manufacturing costs of the product, as well as determine many other variables related to the performance of the warehouse, all in real time.

Based on this information, we can make very agile decisions both commercially and organizationally that help to better control and manage the processes that are carried out daily, ”explains Juan Antonio Estrada.

To achieve this objective, the company draws on both the data on the direct costs of production – the personnel working in the handling and packaging of the product – and indirectly – warehouse personnel who are not in direct contact with the product, such as maintenance, cleaning, etc. –

Human resources are controlled using facial recognition technology, RFID, etc., monitoring at all times which personnel are carrying out a specific activity in each area of ​​the warehouse.

The production is determined by the orders made by customers and based on them the raw material is classified according to the size, color and other characteristics, it is packaged in a certain format, with various components that give rise to a type of clothing. The same raw material, depending on this preparation, has a variable cost.

“Broadly speaking, it’s like a great puzzle where we fit commercial orders, manufacturing processes and automated traceability in real time. The virtue lies in being able to monitor and take advantage of the information at various points in this matrix. ”Concludes Estrada.

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