IoF2020 – Internet of Food & Farm

Internet of Food and Farms 2020 aims to develop solutions for the Internet of Things for the agri-food sector

With a budget of 35 million euros co-financed by the European Union, this project aims to create a disruptive change, improving the productivity and sustainability of agricultural and livestock practices in a very marked way.

Its mission is to demonstrate the added value of the use of all types of devices connected to the Internet, such as sensors, irrigation systems or management software that can be managed and controlled remotely by the different actors in the agri-food chain.

IoF2020 is organized around 5 sectors with the creation of 19 case studies with different themes. The objective is to form an “ecosystem” that facilitates the long-term creation of usable technological solutions by the widest possible range of companies and that all grow and learn with everyone’s information. They emphasize those focused on improving Traceability and Food Security, as well as seeing that part of the production chain can benefit from technology to optimize production costs while maintaining productive Sustainability.

The 5 sectors where the IoF2020 project focuses are those related to fruits, vegetables, extensive herbaceous crops, dairy production and intensive meat cattle raising.

Up to 71 employees have already participated in this great project since early 2017, which will mark a before and after in the intensive use of communication and data technologies for the agri-food sector.


  • Coordinating entity: Horizon 2020, Industrial Leadership, IOT-01-2016
  • Cost: 35 million euros. EU contribution: 30 million euros.
  • Duration: 4 years, 2017-2020
  • Consortium formed by 71 partners

Here you have the IoF2020 website for more information

“IoF2020 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement no. 731884 ”