Riego Asesor

Virtual advisor for decision-making assistance on sustainable irrigation strategies.

“Riego Asesor” It is part of the 2015 RETOS program promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness that encourages, through project financing, the generation of a critical mass in R & D & I of an interdisciplinary nature necessary to advance the search for solutions according to the priorities established in the Challenges.

It also promotes the birth of innovative companies and the orientation of existing companies towards innovative activity, mobilizes private investment, generates employment and improves the country’s technological balance.

“Riego Asesor” It also seeks to strengthen the international leadership capacity of the Spanish System of Science Technology and Innovation and its agents, contributing to improve the competitiveness of the business fabric.

The participants are:

It is scheduled for completion in April 2018. Check, if you wish, the economic detail.

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