Project framed within the H2020 Program of the European Union whose objective is the creation of HUBs of entities that offer innovation in the agri-food sector.

Smart AgriHubs

Specifically, we, as a member of the Agrotech HUB led by the Junta de Andalucía, participate as leader of the Flagship Innovation Experiment (FIE) number 22.

This section, called Iberian Irrigation Portal, aims to implement a web portal for agricultural irrigation advice for Spain and Portugal.

Members of SmartAgriHubs

The members of this FIE, where we are responsible for leading and coordinating the work, are:

  • Association of irrigators of Obra da Vigia (Portugal)
  • EDIA: Alqueva irrigation infrastructure deployment company (Portugal)
  • FENACORE: National Federation of Irrigation Communities (Spain)
  • Unparallel: ICT provider company (Portugal).

As Competence Centers and HUBs involved are:

  • IFAPA: Agricultural and Fisheries Training Institute of Andalusia (Spain)
  • COTR: Irrigation Technology Operational Center (Portugal)
  • AGROTECH: HUB led by the Junta de Andalucía.