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Welcome to the Hispatec Academy. here, you will find access to specific training workshops on digitizing agriculture, from seed to customer at destination, taught by our specialists.

How to successfully implement a data analytics project in agriculture

5 October 2022 Fruit Attraction - Madrid. 12:45

Today we can have authentic Big Data about our plots and crops, as well as external data sources. However, drawing conclusions that are applicable and business-oriented is not so straightforward. In this workshop you will learn how to propose the project, what mistakes you should avoid and what the keys to success are.

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From your warehouse to the customer: keys to agri-exports

5 October 2022 Fruit Attraction - Madrid. 13:30

Transport management and quality play a crucial role in the quality of your agri-food product and your customer's satisfaction. Learn more about the fundamental aspects to ensure that your product arrives on time and in the best conditions to the shelf in the supermarket.

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Profitability, productivity and sustainability: keys to integral farm management.

5 October 2022. Fruit Attraction - Madrid. 15:50

Knowing in detail the costs of your operation and being able to plan and execute operations are key to ensuring the sustainability of your business. Learn how to integrate critical information operationally and error-free.

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