Post-harvest, warehousing and marketing: all processes in one single system


Global control of post-harvest operations with ERPagro

The details of your business in the palm of your hand: from supplier relations to order shipment.

Control and visibility of all business processes in real time.

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Global control of post-harvest operations with ERPagro

Connect with your suppliers

Optimize reception and resources

Receiving harvest predictions, reporting payments, managing packaging and sending reports to partners is easy with our ERPagro connected applications.

Information about the cost of each order

View it in real time

Analyze the profitability of each order with the reports you want and advanced dashboards for your business.


It ensures the quality of your product

Full traceability

Get a global view of all business processes in real time. It integrates the organization’s machinery, devices, manpower and resources.

Post-harvest solutions environment

It has never been easier to integrate production and marketing processes, relations with partners or suppliers and financial management. ERPagro adapts to your needs in an integral or modular way.

  • 01. Production control
  • 02. Corn exchange and Cooperative
  • 03. Accounting and financial management, payroll
  • 04. Traceability and food safety
  • 05. Manufacturing and marketing
  • 06. Purchasing and warehouses
  • 07. Certifications
  • 08. Modules and integrations

Production control

Production planning and management. It ensures integral, real-time monitoring of the units produced for each sales order.

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Corn exchange and Cooperative

It covers all the business processes used by fruit and vegetable auction companies, known as corn exchanges.

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Accounting and financial management, payroll

ERPagro also manages everything related to accounting, financial statements and human resources...

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Traceability and food safety

We achieve total traceability by combining hardware (scales, readers, scanners, label printers, pushbuttons...) and ERPagro software. From seed to end consumer.

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Manufacturing and marketing

It covers all the manufacturing processes involved in the business, optimizes their management and reduces operating costs, etc. It automates the management of your orders.

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Purchasing and warehouses

Management of all purchasing operations, providing cover for the main processes involved in supplier relations.

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Global GAP, UNE, ISO, EUREP-GAP, BAP… ERPagro is ready to work with all the standards required for agriculture.

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Modules and integrations

For over 3 decades we have been working to develop the best agricultural management tools. We have the solution for what you need.

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Post-harvest mobile apps

The Hispatec ecosystem has multiple applications that enable easy management, communication and activity logging. These applications integrate directly with ERPagro and other Hispatec solutions.

Hispatec connects

Direct information from your partners

Contact the producers associated with your organization, inform them of their settlements and containers and receive their delivery forecasts and capacity. Natively integrated into ERPagro.

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Quality app

Audits and controls any procedure

It creates your own quality mechanisms to ensure that processes and procedures follow company standards. It can be integrated with ERPagro or used on a stand-alone basis.

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ERPagro Post-harvest is part of the Hispatec ecosystem

We have an integral ecosystem of solutions for you to centralize all your business data.

ERPAgro Pre-harvest

It controls the product from seed

It measures the impact of your actions from start to finish. ERPagro’s pre-harvest modules and apps let you plan and execute all operations to know the cost of each kilo produced in the field.

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Control Tower

One single platform for all logistics processes

It ensures the quality of your product at destination, reduces complaints and processes all documentation in a transparent way.

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Advanced analytical panels

Your business KPIs in real time and on the device you want.

Thanks to Margaret, you will have advanced analytical panels that describe the critical processes of your business and incorporate information from external sources. Advanced intelligence to know the impact of each action or resource on your company’s results.

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Casos de éxito

Some of these cases have included ERPagro’s Post-harvest options to improve their processes.

Advanced postharvest analytics

Predicting production and harvest volume based on historical data and in real time of the crops of the Cooperativa Costa de Huelva SCA was the objective of this Advanced Analytics project that we carried out.

Access control with facial recognition in plant

The challenge that Mabe posed to us was to develop a system that would facilitate access to its facilities in the fastest and most reliable way possible. We opted for a facial recognition development assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

Postharvest production control in Agriculture

From Hispatec we have improved one of the tools that we consider key in agricultural management: Warehouse Production Cost Control.

Agribusiness 4.0 with TROPS

Trops, with more than 3,000 farming partners and the Spanish leader in the marketing of Mango and Avocado, is one of the best examples of Agribusiness 4.0.


Camposol and $4.5 million savings in one campaign

It is not an exaggeration.

It is rigorously true: Carlos Flores, central IT manager of Camposol, the main Peruvian exporter; told the attendees at DATAGRI 2020.


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