The management software specialized in agricultural marketing


Do you manage a marketing company or cooperative?

From the field to the customer, we offer an ecosystem of solutions for agricultural marketers and cooperatives to control all their processes: from relations and information with suppliers or cooperatives to quality at destination, through the control of costs and margins, quality and integral traceability.

The Hispatec model

  • Management of every process

    From supplier relations to shipping, through the classification, preparation, packaging and management of warehouses.

  • Real-time information about the margin of each order

    Thanks to the precise adaptation to your production processes and the connection with the machinery, you can have accurate information about the cost of each order.

  • Integrate your machines

    Calibrators, scales, cameras, packaging lines, code guns. Our systems integrate with most devices from the outset.

  • Connect with your partner producers

    It prepares all the production and commercial operations in the warehouse thanks to accurate information from your suppliers.

ERPAgro Post-harvest

It controls all warehouse, manufacturing and marketing processes.

Choose the modules you need to manage all the specific processes of each crop and each situation. Projects in over 30 countries stand as our guarantee of quality.

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Hispatec Connect App

Direct information from your partners.

Contact the producers associated with your organization, inform them of their settlements and containers and receive their delivery forecasts and capacity. Natively integrated into ERPagro.

More about Hispatec Conecta

Margaret and advanced analytics

Artificial intelligence for agriculture

Margaret provides advanced intelligence for your organization's critical decisions, such as harvest prediction and demand estimation models. And with our analytical panels you have all the information in real time to manage your operations from the device of your choice.

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Hispatec Track

Quality all the way to the consumer

Digitize and optimize all logistics processes with our platform to ensure the quality of your product up to the last mile.

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Solutions for agri-food managers, directors and supervisors


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