Plan and execute all agricultural tasks from one single device

Are you a technical or agronomic manager?

With our solutions you can plan and execute all field work from your devices: treatments, tasks, use of machinery and irrigation, etc. Having access to all your information sources: satellites, authorized products, stock status, available manpower, tools, machinery, connected devices. For sound, profitable management.

The Hispatec model

  • For all crops

    With more than 500 customers, we have experience in dozens of crop types in over 30 countries on 5 continents. We are familiar with and adapt any type of agricultural process.

  • Integrated solutions

    Single, interconnected ecosystem. All agronomic management data is available to increase process efficiency, safety and control.

  • Plan all production activity from your device

    Treatments, tasks, use of machinery and irrigation, etc. All the farms and crops you control are perfectly located (GIS) and managed from any device. Get to the detail you need and plan the resources you might require. Mobile, web and desktop applications.

  • Execute, control and compare with the planning

    It digitizes all resource use and actions (manpower, productivity, product use, machinery, etc.) to control real costs in the simplest way.

Mobile apps

It plans and measures execution from your mobile device.

Campogest is the mobile planning tool for agronomists. With Agrotareo, farm managers can report the work carried out and how their workforce operate with biometric recognition.

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The most advanced pre-harvest software on the market

The solution with which companies and cooperatives comprehensively manage all their production activity in the field and can make the best operational decisions. Efemis is modular, configurable, adapted to different user profiles, and includes the latest technologies in terms of mobile applications, satellite images, GIS, weather forecasting, sensor integration, and automation.

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We integrate all devices

Sensors, weather stations, IoT devices, connected machinery...

The Hispatec ecosystem enables the integration of your organization's devices and tools. Thanks to our connection gateways, all the information generated by the devices becomes part of the same Hispatec solutions with which you manage your organization.

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Integral control of the Pre-harvest


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