More than 3 decades working for the agri-food sector


Our origins

We are agri

We started out when intensive agriculture in Almería (Spain) was being consolidated as the production area for value crops and vegetables in Europe.ç

Our contribution was to develop the necessary management software so that marketing companies, cooperatives and corn exchanges could effectively complete all their sales and administration processes.

Our customers gradually demanded more and more technological solutions that would allow them to be more competitive in management, production and exports.

A first milestone

And so, in 2008, we completed a process of integrating our solutions into what is now the world’s leading agri-food management software: ERPagro

An independent company

New direction since 2014.

With the entry of new shareholders, Hispatec became a totally independent company in 2014, constantly expanding in products and territories.

Sustainable growth

The result of the current corporate phase has been the creation of subsidiaries in Mexico, Central America, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Portugal, together with the incorporation into the Hispatec Group of the companies Hispatec Analytics and Hispatec Track, which complete the international approach and reach of seed to market.


The Hispatec Group is today made up of more than 200 people of more than 12 nationalities, located in the main fruit and vegetable exporter countries. Our customers include the main global producers of high value crops.

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