Digitization of technical relations with the farmer


The information you need for accurate recommendations

Agrosales is a digital platform for the analysis of commercial, agronomic and technical data to improve the strategic management of the business of producers and distributors of agricultural inputs.

It encourages loyalty in farmers

It improves the quality of technical advice

Agrosales helps digitize and improve the technical data on the sale of agricultural products and services.

It lets you make critical business decisions quickly based on real-time data.

Data-driven recommendations

In the palm of your hand

Agrosales provides technical advisors with accurate information on the reality of the crops of the person they are advising (climate, satellite) so that they can make recommendations for irrigation, nutrition and treatments.

The agronomic layer of CRM

Connection with ERP, CRM and other systems

It captures agronomic technical information to complement the customer profile in the business process, providing greater visibility and operational efficiency of the business.

The best advice to farmers

In Agrosales, each user role has different modules with specific technical and commercial objectives. The tool adds visibility and analytical capacity to managerial roles to streamline strategic decision-making.

  • 01. Plot and crop management
  • 02. Task management and crop monitoring
  • 03. Catalogues and vademecum
  • 04. Information sources
  • 05. Treatment and irrigation plans
  • 06. Reports

Plot and crop management

It defines the farms on which it works in a georeferenced way. It manages the plots of each owner.

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Task management and crop monitoring

It designs the tasks to be performed on each plot and analyses the evolution of the reality of each crop to make the recommendations that can reach the producer through different channels: WhatsApp, PDF, etc.

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Catalogues and vademecum

It presents the products that make up the company's catalogue and those authorized by the public administrations, with the option for searching by active matter.

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Information sources

It integrates external information sources (climate, satellite images) and information from the farm itself (sensors, IoT).

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Treatment and irrigation plans

It accurately calculates nutritional, crop protection and irrigation plans.

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It generates the specific reports each organization needs.

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Agrosales integrates with Margaret

We have an integral ecosystem of solutions for you to centralize all your business data.


Artificial intelligence at the service of technicians

It integrates additional algorithms and information sources into recommendations.

Margaret is Hispatec’s artificial intelligence platform for agriculture, where it is possible to create and execute algorithms or models defined by each organization.

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Connecting all agri-food network nodes


Success cases where we apply digital services

Advanced postharvest analytics

Predicting production and harvest volume based on historical data and in real time of the crops of the Cooperativa Costa de Huelva SCA was the objective of this Advanced Analytics project that we carried out.

Access control with facial recognition in plant

The challenge that Mabe posed to us was to develop a system that would facilitate access to its facilities in the fastest and most reliable way possible. We opted for a facial recognition development assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

Postharvest production control in Agriculture

From Hispatec we have improved one of the tools that we consider key in agricultural management: Warehouse Production Cost Control.

Agribusiness 4.0 with TROPS

Trops, with more than 3,000 farming partners and the Spanish leader in the marketing of Mango and Avocado, is one of the best examples of Agribusiness 4.0.


Camposol and $4.5 million savings in one campaign

It is not an exaggeration.

It is rigorously true: Carlos Flores, central IT manager of Camposol, the main Peruvian exporter; told the attendees at DATAGRI 2020.


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