The first artificial intelligence platform for agriculture


AI for agriculture

We have designed the first agri-food artificial intelligence platform capable of managing different future scenarios, describing how they will impact your corporate strategy and showing you the best decision for each business objective.

Margaret has a processing engine that analyses authentic agri-food Big Data using algorithms and AI models to develop apps adapted to the needs of each producer, aggregator or complementary industry.


Smart agri-food businesses

Margaret provides decision intelligence to people and automated systems in every agri-business process.

Extract value to your data

Data and algorithms

Margaret structures and relates the available data sources. It relates the company’s operations history with sensors, weather prediction, legal sources or market studies.

Margaret’s algorithms will use that data to answer the key questions for your agri-food organization.

Manage the future from the present

Data-driven decisions

Margaret describes what really happens in your agri-food company, what the variables that influence your objectives are and what the future scenarios are. In this way, the organization’s decision-making is based on objective data in a way that is both convenient and useful for the management team.

Take intelligence wherever you want

For people and machines

Check your applications for the result generated in real time by Margaret or integrate it directly into your company’s connected devices to automate the operation under your supervision.

Margaret integrates with your company’s management tools (ERP, CRM, etc.).

The impact of Margaret

  • Smart fertigation

    Prescriptive intelligence. Margaret proposes fertigation recommendations based on the specific conditions of each plot: cultivation, weather predictions, sensors, satellite images. The recommendation can be viewed in an application and run directly with connected heads.

  • Harvest prediction

    Predictive intelligence. Our customers receive crop forecasts from Margaret in the short, medium or long term to speed up their decision-making on objective data.

  • Algorithm integration

    Companies and knowledge centers make their algorithms available in Margaret for other organizations. Margaret incorporates external data sources to run the algorithms.

  • Impact analysis

    Diagnostic intelligence. Margaret lets you know the real impact of each action, treatment or task performed on your crop. You'll be able to make data-driven decisions and optimize production.

Multiply the value of your data

Margaret generates the reports and presentations each organization needs to be more competitive and sustainable in all agri-business processes.

  • 01. Data integration
  • 02. Algorithm store
  • 03. Advanced processing
  • 04. Contextualized results

Data integration

Your data is yours. Margaret collects all kinds of data from various sources (applications, systems, databases and data services), contextualizes them in an agricultural business taxonomy designed by Hispatec and stores them in Big Data systems.

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Algorithm store

Margaret has a store of algorithms by Hispatec and third parties which convert the data into useful information and decision-making intelligence. Algorithms can use data both from your organization and from external sources.

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Advanced processing

Margaret's special imaging and geolocated data engines process algorithms in an advanced processing system.

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Contextualized results

The contextualized data and the results of the algorithms are delivered in different ways, depending on requirements, so that people can make decisions and automatic systems can execute actions (robots, machinery, irrigation computers, etc.).

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Margaret is part of the Hispatec ecosystem

We have an integral ecosystem of solutions for you to centralize all your business data.

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All Margaret's intelligence from the best agricultural ERP

Margaret generates maximum value for your company with the data from its operations and any external information source and integrates advanced intelligence reports in ERPagro itself.

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Hispatec Track

One single platform for all logistics processes

It ensures the quality of your product at destination, reduces complaints and processes all documentation in a transparent way.

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Some success stories

Advanced postharvest analytics

Predicting production and harvest volume based on historical data and in real time of the crops of the Cooperativa Costa de Huelva SCA was the objective of this Advanced Analytics project that we carried out.

Access control with facial recognition in plant

The challenge that Mabe posed to us was to develop a system that would facilitate access to its facilities in the fastest and most reliable way possible. We opted for a facial recognition development assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

Postharvest production control in Agriculture

From Hispatec we have improved one of the tools that we consider key in agricultural management: Warehouse Production Cost Control.

Agribusiness 4.0 with TROPS

Trops, with more than 3,000 farming partners and the Spanish leader in the marketing of Mango and Avocado, is one of the best examples of Agribusiness 4.0.


Camposol and $4.5 million savings in one campaign

It is not an exaggeration.

It is rigorously true: Carlos Flores, central IT manager of Camposol, the main Peruvian exporter; told the attendees at DATAGRI 2020.


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