Quality control during logistics processes


It ensures product quality up to destination

It provides real-time strategic insight into the goods, identifies incidents, and controls risks as they arise.

Control Tower centralizes all operations related to logistics and quality, from the shipment of the order and document management to arrival on the market, regardless of the means of transport.

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The key to quality

For the product to reach the consumer in optimal conditions, logistics processes are as important as cultivation.

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Controlling the quality and safety of your shipments

Our specialized staff monitors all key parameters (cold chain, loading conditions) and issues alerts: intrusion control, passage through areas or unloading at port.

It streamlines document management

All processes in the same tool

It centralizes all data and documentation related to shipments and traceability in the same environment. A integral tool to manage, monitor and optimize fresh-product shipments.

It reduces incidents

Global visibility

Thanks to the real-time tracking of your shipments, it lets you make decisions in time to reduce the number of claims. It enables transparency with the other players involved and certification of compliance of the cold chain.

Control Tower

Control Tower facilitates logistics management, with a fast capacity for response, ensuring quality control from warehouse to customer at destination.

The Control Tower modules are independent of the means of transport (land, air or sea), improve transit times and reduce the number of incidents and claims.

  • 01. Shipment tracking
  • 02. Document management
  • 03. Internal departmental coordination
  • 04. Communication with suppliers
  • 05. Data analysis

Shipment tracking

It monitors, analyses and optimizes all your shipments in real time. And, if you wish, it provides your customers with access to the information they need.

Document management

It digitizes management and controls all the documents necessary for successful shipments: CMR, packing list, delivery notes, etc. It provides all the agents you choose with access to the documentation.

Internal departmental coordination

It centralizes all the information in one single tool to reduce the errors and timescales of internal logistic processes.

Communication with suppliers

It streamlines management with suppliers and customers to ensure traceability and reliability of the entire logistics chain.

Data analysis

It provides automated or ad-hoc reporting that saves costs and reduces claims and environmental footprints.

A service adaptable to the requirements of each product

Tools to integrally manage all operations in logistics and quality under the same ecosystem.

Our team develops custom projects based on each customer's needs and can develop specific tools for the characteristics of each organization. Control Tower integrates with ERPagro and other commercial management solutions.

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Control Tower is part of the Hispatec ecosystem

We have an integral ecosystem of solutions for you to centralize all your business data.


Integrate all logistics up to the customer into the best ERP.

Manage logistics as one more business process with the same management tool for warehouse and marketing resources. Maintain the traceability of all information from seed to destination using the same application.

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Magaret Inteligencia Artificial Agricultura Hispatec


All the power of Margaret at your service

Integrate multiple information sources to generate the intelligence you need. Implement dashboards to control and analyze the quality of your product.

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How Control Tower works


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