Advanced farming platform for a sustainable agriculture


Manage field activity comprehensively and intelligently

Efemis is the perfect software for all preharvest operations.

Farm management for any reality, from single-plot farms to companies and multi-territory cooperatives with associated growers.

Use the most advanced information (GIS, satellite imagery, weather forecast, sensors) to control costs, plan operations and be increasingly sustainable. Automatically generate the official field notebook.

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With Efemis all processes are under control

Plan every on-field operation

Program with precision

Easily design and communicate the production of crops in all the plots of your farm. Plan irrigation and treatments accurately.



Control costs and tasks

Data-driven agronomic decisions

Use the most advanced reports (dashboards) in real time to make the right decisions with GIS, satellite imagery, sensors and weather.


Comply with regulations and protocols

Forget about problems

Automatically generate the field notebook of your farm and integrate that of your growers. Plan according your clients’ quality protocols.

Decide what capabilities you need

Efemis is a modular system that allows you to meet the needs of your organization. From the basic management of a farm to multinational organizations with hundreds of suppliers.

  • 01. Farm management
  • 02. Treatments and irrigation
  • 03. Activity management
  • 04. Field notebook
  • 05. Observations and scouting
  • 06. Advanced analytics dashboards

Farm management

It allows the registration of the grower's plot system and collecting static information (SIGPAC plot, locations, plantation, type of soil, variety, irrigation system, etc.).

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Treatments and irrigation

All the agronomists and plot supervisors' technical work done in the simplest way. Access to authorized fertilizer and phytosanitary products, quality protocols and sensors, satellite imagery or weather forecast.

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Activity management

Plan, assign and control the tasks and activities to be carried out on the field in the short, medium and long term with the available resources (both inputs and human ones).

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Field notebook

Quick and easy management of the digital field notebook made according to national regulations with general data on crops, plots, fertilizers, phytosanitary products, irrigation and harvests. In Spain, integrated with SIEX.

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Observations and scouting

Record field observations such as pest symptoms, damaged trees, incidents, phenological status, quality and harvest, etc. Observations are easily, intuitively configured and registered by users.

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Advanced analytics dashboards

The Dashoboards bring the visualization of indicators and personalized dynamic reports, with maps, graphs and external sources of information. Different reports allow the different user roles to visualize the information available in comfortable graphics integrated with EFEMIS.

Efemis is part of the Hispatec ecosystem

We have a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions so that you have all your business data centralized.

Postcosecha Hispatec

ERPagro postharvest

From harvest to market

ERPagro and its applications allow you to manage all the warehouse, packaging and marketing activity. Know the cost of each order in real time and communicate with associated farmers and suppliers.

Magaret Inteligencia Artificial Agricultura Hispatec


Artificial intelligence for farming

Margaret allows you to use all the data from your pre-harvest operations and add external sources to generate decisional intelligence, such as harvest prediction. Implement dashboards to control and analyze your on-field activity.

More about Margaret

Do you want to know more agricultural software to help you in your daily operations?

Vídeo ERPagro precosecha


Successful Cases

Advanced postharvest analytics

Predicting production and harvest volume based on historical data and in real time of the crops of the Cooperativa Costa de Huelva SCA was the objective of this Advanced Analytics project that we carried out.

Access control with facial recognition in plant

The challenge that Mabe posed to us was to develop a system that would facilitate access to its facilities in the fastest and most reliable way possible. We opted for a facial recognition development assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

Postharvest production control in Agriculture

From Hispatec we have improved one of the tools that we consider key in agricultural management: Warehouse Production Cost Control.

Agribusiness 4.0 with TROPS

Trops, with more than 3,000 farming partners and the Spanish leader in the marketing of Mango and Avocado, is one of the best examples of Agribusiness 4.0.


Camposol and $4.5 million savings in one campaign

It is not an exaggeration.

It is rigorously true: Carlos Flores, central IT manager of Camposol, the main Peruvian exporter; told the attendees at DATAGRI 2020.


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